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Top 10 easy ways to earn money online

Do you want to earn money without having to put any efforts? Sorry, then this blog is not for you. If you want to earn money with fewer efforts in less time, then there are plenty of opportunities in the market that can be grabbed to make money. With the increase in the usage of internet, you have the convenience to search for the jobs of your interest. Here are some of the best ways you can make money online.

Sell products online

There are several e-commerce sites where you can sell your products. Purchase wholesale products offline, so you get it for less price. Create an account in one of the e-commerce sites and sell the product for more price. The initial income might be less, but with time as you gain the trust of the customers, you can make a decent amount of profits. Or you can also set up your e-commerce website and sell the products online which might require an initial investment.

Note: Having your e-commerce site can help you sell more effectively by offering exciting discounts and coupons.

Online tutorials

Create exciting content through online videos that will benefit the user, remember that you need to prove that your user will benefit by watching your videos. Only then you get more views. You need to make the user as comfortable as possible in order to earn more. By subscription model, there is a chance that you might make the user feel challenging to watch your videos. Instead, place ads in your videos and make money from the advertiser when the user sees the ads or clicks on it.

Note: It’s better to make revenue through ads instead of going for a subscription model.


Make money by working as a freelancer, all you need to do is to set up an account in freelancer site and bid on the projects of your interest. If your bid can convince the client, you will be awarded the project. You will be paid only after the completion of the project if the client accepts it. You need not worry about the payment as every registered user will have to verify the payment and identity while setting up a freelancer account.

Note: Check the reviews and rating in the profile of the client before accepting the project.

Social Media

Do you know that apart from making friends and having a conversation with random people, you can also use social media for making money? Several companies need more clients and are looking for social media marketers. You can approach targetted people through social media and offer them the services they might require. Provide the companies with the client and get your commission and per the mutual agreement.

Note: Make sure to provide genuine clients as long term association with the companies which might be helpful for you later.

Online Reviews

People pay you for giving reviews on their products. You might not earn much from this but yeah, if you can market yourself better you can make a decent amount of money by giving reviews on the product. You can also go for survey sites where you need to complete a small survey and give feedback. This is an easy way to earn money from home.

Note: Some survey sites are scams, you need to choose the best paid online survey sites carefully.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are willing to put in more efforts, then affiliate marketing is for you. You can make a considerable income through affiliate marketing as online shopping has been increasing with the number of internet users increasing day by day. There are several sites like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, which make you when a customer purchase their product by clicking links from your website.

Note: Here are some of the best affiliate marketing techniques you can consider


Knowing multiple languages will no longer help you in communicating with different people, it also helps you to earn money. Check out proper business sites, and you will find different clients looking for translating content in their application in different languages. You can make more than what you expect from translating the content of websites and apps in various languages and providing them to clients.

Note: Do not use google translator and copy-paste the content as it may be considered duplicate content. 


Not everyone has all the skills. Look for someone who has a different skill set to that of yours but posting the requirement in various business sites like LinkedIn. Now you can have a mutual partnership agreement and share your contract. For example, you might be good at developing websites, and the other person might be good at developing mobile applications. If either of you got a requirement for website and mobile app development, you can share the project and develop it instead of losing a potential project due to lack of particular skill.

Note: It is crucial to have a mutual payment share agreement before starting the work on any project as the efforts of each individual on the project might vary.


Blogging is one of the fun ways to earn money. You can start with zero investment and still make massive income through blogging. Choose a niche of your interest to create a basic website and start blogging. The most important thing in blogging is to provide useful information for the visitors of your site. When you are sure that you are getting visitors to your website daily, you can place ads on your site and earn money whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisement.

Note: You can also place private ads on your sites and earn money for just putting the advertisement in your website for a particular period.

Online Business

This might require an initial hustle as you will have to build an online presence, but once your business gets settled, it is easy to make huge money from this. Know your passion, it might be baking cakes or making handcraft cards etc. Start with little investment, never lose a chance to get your show your presence online. When you have enough customer base, you can start expanding your business.

Note: It is always essential to start less investment by building an online presence through social media and sites like google my business.

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