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Story of Thanksgiving Day

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on last Thursday of every November and is declared as a national holiday. In 2019, Thanksgiving Day is on 28 November. It is an autumn harvest festival and is celebrated by giving thanks to the god for the blessings and other success of the past year. It was officially declared in the year 1863 by Abraham Lincon, the first president of the United States. Here are more about Thanksgiving Day and exciting facts about this day.

What do people do on a Thanksgiving Day?

  • A day before Thanksgiving, people usually go shopping buy new clothes and the grocery that they require for hosting Thanksgiving Day meal.
  • They buy a turkey which is the vital dish for a Thanksgiving Day meal, and the decorative stuff to decorate their house.
  • On the day on Thanksgiving, they cook the turkey along with with some other side dishes and host a grand meal by inviting many guests.
  • Before starting the meal, they do prayer followed by a speech about how they are thankful for everything they have and the achievements of the year. Then they have the meal along with some wine.
  • They enjoy the time together and celebrate it the best way possible by sharing gratitude and by spending time with their loved ones.
  • After the meal, they play some fun games together and by engaging in different family activities. Later that day they wave goodbye to each other and leave the place by night.

This is the typical way of Celebrating a Thanksgiving Day in the United States. At some places, they consider this as a vacation where they plan and celebrate Thanksgiving Day for a whole week.

Why do people celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Turkey?

Did you ever think of this? Why do people celebrate this day with a turkey? Even though there are many other dishes that they include in the meal on Thanksgiving Day, Turkey is the primary dish they have on that specific day.

Well, Alexander Hamilton, founding father of the United States, has once remarked: “No American citizen shall refrain from turkey on Thanksgiving Day.”

Turkey is a uniquely North American bird, which is the reason for choosing it as a Thanksgiving Day meal. Also, turkey is large enough to serve hunger for a table full of people and does not serve any additional purpose like producing milk or laying eggs. 

What are the other typical dishes on Thanksgiving Day?

Apart from turkey, these are some side dishes that are common during Thanksgiving Day.

These are some of the few interesting facts about Thanksgiving day. If you have any additional info or if you think I have missed anything about this festival, you can e-mail me here. Let me know your feedback through comments below or drop a message here. I am open to suggestions. Happy Thanksgiving!

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