BERT search algorithm update

New google search algorithm update-BERT

Google has recently rolled out a new search algorithm – BERT

Google releases new search algorithms updates now and then in order to make the search results more useful. There are some major search algorithm updates everyone should know, and one such algorithm is BERT. BERT is the recent search algorithm released by Google on October 25, 2019.

The full form of BERT is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. After the RankBrain algorithm update, BERT is the significant update Google has rolled out. Google has officially announced that BERT algorithm update is going to impact 1 out of every 10 search results, i.e. 10% of the overall search results and also impacts the featured snippets. BERT algorithm is making use of NLP ( Natural Language Processing). BERT algorithm is developed by advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

As the main moto of the search engines is to provide the relevant search results to the users. BERT algorithm is designed in a way to understand the nuances and the actual context of the search query and to allow the computers to understand the language like humans do. BERT helps the search engines to provide more relevant content to the user.

BERT algorithm is programmed to process the words by relating to the other words in the give search query for better understanding the actual context of the search query. Previously the search query words are processed one-by-one, which resulted in displaying the search result that lacks the complete information the user is expecting. With every algorithm update, Google has made the search query results more informative and relevant to the search query and with the implementation of the advanced technologies like NLP BERT aims to improve the long-tail search queries.

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