SEO hats and techniques

SEO Hats and SEO Techniques

Various SEO Hats Every SEO Specialist Must Know

The SEO techniques are classified into three categories, namely Black hat SEO, white hat SEO and grey hat SEO. Here I have listed the 3 SEO hats and the techniques that come under each one.

Black Hat SEO

Techniques used to manipulate search engine to give you better ranking than you deserve falls under black hat SEO

Black hat SEO techniques

Cloaking – Cloaking is a technique where the content present in the website is presented differently for the spiders that crawl the website.
Link-Exchanges – Link exchange is a common black hat SEO technique that is used to increase the domain authority and rank well by getting spam or irrelevant backlinks
Duplicate Content – Copy content is not encouraged and is considered as malpractice in SEO, The content in the website should be unique and relevant in order to rank better in the search results
Buying Links – Buying links leads to an increase in the backlinks to the website, which if noticed, will lead to downranking of the site.
Keyword Stuffing – Unessecary keyword stuffing in order to rank on top of search engine for targetted keywords is called as Keyword stuffing
Hidden Text – Hidden text is the way of hiding the text from the user such that only search engine crawls it to make the content seem relevant to the user but hiding keywords in the website.

White Hat SEO

Improving the ranking of the webpages by following the guidelines and rules without tricking or trying to outsmart the search engine algorithm

White Hat SEO Techniques

Quality Content – Writing unique and SEO friendly content will help your sites ranking on the search engine
Focus on Mobile-first – Mobile-friendly websites have higher chances to rank better.
User Experience – User experience is the primary thing that allows visitors to use your site, so having a good UX plays an important role.
Excellent Keyword Research – Having relevant keywords in your keyword is essential, so proper keyword research should be done based on your target visitors
Use Schema Mark-up – Using schema mark-up allows the search engine to understand the structure of your content like heading tags, title etc.
Link Building – Link Building comes under the white hat technique and is different from Link exchanges. Link building is a genuine way of earning backlinks from other websites.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is a combination of both types of strategies. If your white hat techniques are fetching you great results, you might consider using grey hat techniques to speed the process.

Grey Hat SEO Techniques

Add length to the old content – By adding more content to your existing blogs can help you rank better as your content will already be crawled. Having more content plays a vital role in ranking
Purchasing Expired Domains– Purchasing expired domains that have high domain authority can help you get better ranking in the search results
Multiple Social Media Accounts– Having several social media accounts is a grey hat SEO technique
Get Positive Reviews – Getting positive reviews by paying is an SEO technique that allows your website to rank on top
Building Microsite – Building microsite another technique you can use as an SEO technique
Submitting the website to Web Directories – By submitting your site to web directories, there are high chances that your site shows up on the tops for the related search queries

These are the three SEO hats and the SEO techniques that are commonly used by SEO experts in order to get better ranking for search queries on the search engines. Let me know your feedback in the comments below or drop a messageĀ here. I am open to suggestions.

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