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6 Steps to write a successful blog

Blogging is fun, and it becomes challenging once you decide to make money through blogging. Most of the bloggers earn a decent amount through blogging, and a very few write blogs just out of passion. There are many bloggers, and not everyone is successful. It takes some efforts and time to mark your presence online. But you need to know what it takes to publish successful blogs on your site. And if you want your blogs to reach more people through search engines and fetch organic traffic to your site to here are six steps you should follow.

Choose your Niche

Choosing the niche of your interest is the first and foremost thing you need to do after deciding to write blogs. Find the area of your interest and check by writing a few blogs. Take some time to check different niches and understand at what you are good. If you start your blogs without proper research, you will end up messing up things later.

Find Trending Topics

Unless you are someone living under some rock, you will know what’s happening around and what is trending on the internet. Find what are trending topics and what people are searching. Prepare a list of topics, prioritize them and write about it, so you can provide information to the users on what topics they are looking for, which increases visitors and subsequently increases traffic to your site.

Keyword Research

The keyword research is important to get ranked on the search engines. There are tools like Keyword provider etc. to find the keywords that the users are using to search the query. So, if you are planning to stay on top of the search results, then make sure to include the keywords in the blog. Also, including longtail keywords can let you rank for more search results.

Content Structure

Content structure plays a vital role in the bounce rate. Make sure that your content is well structured so that the user will want to continue reading. Re-read your blogs 2 – 3 times before posting them, so you will know how a user feels while reading your blog. This can help you improve the quality of your blogs. Choose an exciting title and write relevant content to that title. Follow a few tips to learn how to structure a blog post.

Relevant Images

Images help the user understand the whole context better. Visual effects create interest in the person reading the blog. Do not use gaudy colours that give the user an unpleasant feeling as soon as they open your site. Images provide the user with a visualization of what you want the user to understand from your blog. Using too many images can lead to increase ion the page load time.

Tags and URLs

Meta tags and URLs play an essential role in search engine optimization, which allows the spiders to identify your content. Use proper description and tags for your blogs so that you can appear on the top search result when the user gives the search query related to your content and the tags that you have included.

These are the six steps to follow for writing a successful blog. There are many more aspects to keep in mind while publishing a blog, which we will be talking later. Let me know your feedback through comments below or drop a message here. I am open to suggestions.

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