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Features to include in your informative website

May it is a clothes store, bakery, beauty salon or a car repair shop, every business needs a website to increase its online presence. Websites certainly bring a significant improvement in your online business presence. You can include your website on your business cards or share them online and let people know how easy it is to access your products from their devices. Most of the times, people go for informative websites as informative websites are budget-friendly. Later, when they start making profits, they go for e-commerce or include payment and delivery functionalities. Provide as much as information possible to the visitors that visit your website. Here are the most important things you need to include in your business website.

Business Hours

Let the visitors of your website know your availability so that they can approach you at the right time. Including the opening hours and closing hours of your business will make it easy for the user to contact you regarding any queries related to your business directly. If you do not include the working hours of your business the visitors might call at any time which will be uncomfortable to you and also the visitor may not feel good if you don’t answer the call.

Show Directions

Make it as easy as possible for the user to reach you. Integrating maps would be an excellent feature for your website as the user need not find it difficult and complicated to reach your store. This will also let the user or the visitor understand the different locations of your stores or centres if you have several branches for your business. People do not want to wait or ask random people directions to reach you. So keep the locations updated and enable maps


Including the pictures of your products will allow the user to see how your product looks, so the user need to have to come all the way and visit your store to see the product. Also by uploading beautiful images of your products can attract more visitors to your website. Once you add a gallery to your website you can notice the difference yourself.

Contact Details

Highlight the contact details on your website. Make it visible on every page so that the user will not have to search everywhere in the website to get your contact. You never know your user’s mood, they might lose interest in a fraction of time. So if you make them feel comfortable using your website, there are more chances that the client will give you the business. Also, keep updating the contact details whenever it’s changed.


Mention the price of your products and services in your website so that the visitors can understand and decide on the spot if they will go with your services. Also, it provides them with information about different products available with you or the various services you offer. They can compare the price with other similar businesses and choose according to their interest, which is beneficial for both you and the visitors as well by saving time.


Testimonials are something that can build trust and loyalty between the business and the customers. The visitors who visit your website see the reviews of your website and understand the quality of your product or service. Make sure to display all the positive and useful testimonials in your website.

These are some essential features to include in your website that can benefit your business in many ways. Also if you are a startup check out this post. Let me know your feedback through comments below or drop a message here. I am open to suggestions.

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